Why Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Values Referral Programs in Marketing

A referral program has always been ignored by most of the organizations operating in the modern marketing environment as they do not have a perception that this strategy can work. However, there are some companies that have been using this technique to market or expand their organizations with a great level of success. This is the first strategy that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez used to help in the growth of Hawkers when it was just beginning operations.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had used referral programs at other organizations, and they had delivered unmatched success. Therefore, he already knew that this strategy would probably play an essential role in the success of any other organization that he was holding. In this case, he did not hesitate to use it at Hawkers, and it is common to all the observers out there in the world of business that this strategy has been very effective in helping the company.

In his view, the referral program was very important to the company is expanding its customer base. That is why Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was highly interested in reaching the college and university students using the referral program. These are target customers who are concentrated in a single location in thousands, which means that it was very easy for a single customer to refer hundreds of customers to the organization.

There are very many companies that do not value referral program as they do not believe that it is very effective in generating the necessary returns in the operations of the company. However, as Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has demonstrated, any referral program that an organization has been using is very important in supporting the growth and success of any organization in the business environment today. The fact that it is a cost-friendly approach explains why every other organization should use it in its operations.

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