Tim Murawski’s Impressive Tale of Business and Tech’s Innovation

Augmedics is a healthcare pioneer especially when Tim Murawski was at the helm. Augmedics has taken healthcare to the next level by producing xvision. The product is a futuristic system that enables surgeons to work in 3D to assess the patient’s spine anatomy. Tim Murawski explains that the surgeons can conveniently use the tool to navigate the instruments without looking at the screen. This surgical development is the Augmedics’ trademark that also signifies the venture’s values. 


Tim Murawski, the CCO, and president of the company has demonstrated great leadership skills in the business. Tim is also a medical robotics expert who has excelled in execution and innovation. understanding what Augmedics does helps to interpret the company. Augmedics provides a technology called Augmented Reality that presents a better category of the world via online elements. According to Tim Murawski, Augmented Reality produces 3D spinal system visuals, and the company harnesses the technology’s potency uniquely. 


Augmedics’ primary target is to improve surgery by using the best technology, and it has also created a surgical system called xvision. The system facilitates X-ray vision, making complex surgeries seem easy. The system was first applied in John Hopkins for the spinal fusion incision. The surgeons could, therefore, navigate the devices to go through the lumbar decompression. In the US, about 1.62 million surgeries are done, and Augmedics is using the system to facilitate the process. According to Tim Murawski, these surgeries are improved by the xvision system as well as the professionalism of the medical experts. The revolutionary system has eased the number of surgical accidents and deaths.