The Right Man For All Of Your Needs

Bernard Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer who supports the people of his country with years of experience behind him. He has an extensive background that offers many options for his clients, such as a Master in Law of the State by the Faculty of Law of USP.

Following this educational background Bruno Fagali also is a specialist in administrative law, ethics, corporate law, as well as a number of other Specialties that he can bring to the table. Bruno Fagali is extremely flexible, can support his clients in a number of different ways, and can be spoken to in a moment’s notice.


He has quite the reputation online, and spreads his networking capabilities through sites such as LinkedIn, and WordPress. If you were to look at Bruno Fagali’s WordPress site, you would find a plethora of different subjects that all interact with one another and focus upon what he specializes in. You can find anything you want to on his WordPress site, including information on the cigarette industry as well as Awards ceremonies that Fagali may have been interested in attending or attended himself. The ability to network like this no doubt brings a lot of clients to his office, and opens up his business for a profitable future. Turn off the galley has opened his own Law Firm, called Fagali Advocacy. As a founding member of Fagali Advocacy, Bruno Fagali has set himself to be a well-respected attorney around the world.

For more information on this interesting individual, Bruno Fagali, please click on the following link and read through. You will not be disappointed in the information that you find here the law firm specializes specifically in public law, compliance, anti-corruption law, advertising law and parliamentary in electoral law. What makes Fagali Advocacy different than other law firms, is its dedication and commitment to the defense of the interest of each and every one of their clients. They seek to be personable and responsible for each one of the people they represent, something that is really unheard of and other law firms around the world.

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