The Redemption of Alex Pissios

The CEO and president of Cinespace Chicago Film Studio, Alex Pissios, is among the leading members of the Chicago business community, and together with his team, they have impacted the neighborhood organizations. Pissios was born on the Northwest side of Chicago, where he lived with his two brothers and parents on the top floor of a three-story family home. The uncle and aunt lived on the first floor, while the grandparents lived on the second floor.

Alex Pissios had a plan to follow in the footprints of his father, who was a dedicated special education teacher after graduating from the public school system in Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University, where Pissios specialized in special education and secondary education as a subsidiary. In 1994, he started his career as a student-teacher when someone made him an offer he couldn’t resist. When his maternal uncle, John Mirkopoulos, wanted someone to trust with his business expansion in Chicago, especially from the family, Pissios had a skeptical attitude and was reluctant about leaving his teaching work but reconsidered it after the uncle offered him a salary that tripled his teaching salary.

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After the rise of Alex Pissios from his decade of hard work in the business of fur and leather with new challenges setting his sights on the field of real estate development, it was followed by a devastating fall and was faced with bankruptcy. Alex even contemplated suicide, but after his uncle heard about his financial struggles, he set the debts to right, bankrolled a studio facility, and put Pissios in charge.

Since the establishment of the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, there has been a creation of more than 15,000 jobs and an economic impact around Chicago. Alex admits that the core value of the work they do at Cinespace is to have a positive effect on the community.