The New Direction of Lime Crime

On June 18, 2018, the well-known makeup brand, Lime Crime, was now being led by Tengram Capital Partners. Lime Crime is a vegan focused makeup product that isn’t tested on animals. Tengram Capital Partners is an equity firm that privately works with branded consumer and retail companies.

The General Manager of Fresh, Stacey Panagakis, also came aboard the team as Chief Executive Officer. Lime Crime was established in the year 2008 as a natural beauty brand by Mark Dumbelton and Doe Deere. The goal of the brand is to encourage untainted self-expression while redefining the standards of beauty.

As a result, global consumers have taken to the line of beauty products being offered. The demand for the product is at an all time high at stores like, Riley Rose and Bloomingdales. With the support of Tengram Capital Partners, it is hoped that Lime Crime will be able to create additional methods of experience for those that enthusiastically use the products.

As the line of beauty products grows, a more diverse collection of products is being developed to formulate new categories. During her time as General Manager for Fresh, Stacey Panagakis secured the success of the brand while acquiring and maintaining its leading spot at Sephora. Panagakis states that she is happy to join the company of Lime Crime at such an important moment in global history.

As the company continues to flourish, the vision of the brand will be guided by Panagakis along with the Chief Creative Officer, Sasha Valentine. Doe Deere, the co-founder of the digital-first company, has moved onto the Board of Directors where she works to inspire consumers globally.

Lime Crime professes to be an authentic beauty brand that works to uncover the unique beauty of its consumers. By creating innovative products coupled with an unmatched experience, it is hoped that you can freely express yourself with no apology.