The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky might be doing well for himself these days but most people don’t know how he was able to rise to the top of his field so quickly. That’s why he sat down to talk about how he got to his current role and where he sees himself in the next ten years. Eric Lefkofsky was born in the late 60’s & raised in the suburbs of Detroit during the 70’s. His folks encouraged him to do well in school which led to him getting all a’s & finishing at the top of his class. 


From there, he had offers from some of the best schools in the nation but he turned them all down so he could stay a bit closer to home. Eric Lefkofsky enrolled at UM in the fall of 87 & excelled in a lot of his courses. When Eric Lefkofsky was done with college, he opted to continue his education by enrolling in law school. When he finished, he decided he would start his own Tempus company in an effort to eradicate cancer. The Tribune claimed that Tempus has created a unique collection, analysis, and structuring platform for the clinical data mainly disorganized in electronic systems. Moreover, Tempus gets genomic data through DNA sequencing as well as other details in the lab. 


The objective according to Eric Lefkofsky is to assist doctors to develop personalized therapies for every individual patient. So far, Tempus has collaborated with different cancer treatment facilities that give it human data to study. Initially, it was just to find a cure for cancer but, over the years, they began to expand their scope to include diabetes illness as well as depression. When he was just starting out, Eric Lefkofsky only had a few employees but now that they are much more successful and well established, their numbers are in the thousands. Their most recent fundraising endeavor helped them raise more than $200 million which means they’re now up to $6 billion.