Securus Technologies Empowering the Correctional Facilities with the Latest Drone Detection Technology

Even though technology is a boon for the humanity, its improper use can lead to serious issues. One of the technology devices known as drones is one of the biggest threats that the prison industry is facing at the moment. There have been many attempts by criminals to use these drones to smuggle porn, phones, and drugs into the prisons and the truth is that most of the attempts have been successful. There is a limit to the amount of workforce that the prisons can assign to monitoring prison and detect the drones flying over the premises. Thus, Securus Technologies is working on a new drone detection technology that is going to make prisons safer.


Securus Technologies is already testing the new system in some prisons and are adding new features to ensure that the device cannot be hacked. The device can quickly detect all drones that enter a certain perimeter around the prison and can pinpoint the exact location making it easier to disarm and collect. There have been many instances in the past of drones being used for smuggling reported by the law enforcement agencies, but it was not until recently that these threats are being taken seriously. With more improved versions of drones coming in the market, soon these drones could be used to smuggle something more dangerous such as weapons and bombs inside the prison. And, in many cases, the corrections officers have found the weapons inside the prison that were supplied through the drones. It is becoming a threat to the law enforcement and corrections officers as their lives are at stake. If the prisoners want to attack using the weapon they receive through the drones, it can be life-threatening for the police officers who would be caught off-guard.


However, the problem of drones’ usage by the criminals to supply contraband items inside the prison can be solved by using the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies. It is one of its kind technologies that the company recently introduced and even though there are many updates and upgrades that Securus has promised for this service in the future, it is self-sufficient and capable at the moment. The drone detection technology would be able to detect the movement if drones from far and would alarm the corrections officers, who can then shot down the drone. It would ensure that no drone misses the eye of the law and can fulfill its purpose of contraband supply.


Securus Technologies has a wide array of products and services on offer for the correctional sphere, and it also has recently won the Gold Stevie Award for providing the best customer service in the industry. It is what has made Securus Technologies a preferred choice in the correctional sphere.



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