Robert Kraft’s Achievements And Efforts In Controlling The 2206 World Cup Games

Robert Kraft is an entrepreneur who has been in the sports entertainment industry for more than three decades. Mr. Kraft is also known for his profound successful efforts at Kraft Group. This company focuses on providing diversified services in various industries, including real estate, assets in packing and packaging, private equity, sports, and entertainment.

Having controlled the National Football League’s New England Patriots World Cup games in 1994, Robert Kraft hopes to undertake the same role with the 2026 World Cup games at Gillette Stadium. Gillette Stadium is one of the most famous stadiums located in Foxboro and was launched in 2002. Gillette Stadium’s capacity includes 68,756 seats, 6000 club seats, and 87 VIP luxury suits.

According to Robert Kraft, Gillette Stadium will require modifications to accommodate the 2026 World Cup games. Mr. Kraft has received numerous supporters from other sports and FIFA officials to host at least six games, including the quarterfinals at Gillette Stadium. According to official news reports, the 2026 World Cup will be held in only three specific countries globally, including Mexico, Canada, and the US.

The 2026 World Cup games, which will be 80 in total, will be held in 16 venues across Canada, Mexico, and the US. In Canada, the games will be held in Toronto and Edmonton, while in Mexico, the games will be held in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. The US will take the lead in accommodating the 2026 World Cup games with 11 major cities. In addition, the 2026 World Cup games will be expected to accommodate more than 3.5 attendees. Visit this page for additional information.


About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft’s educational background consists of a graduate degree from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Robert Kraft gained his sports and entertainment passion while still at school, pursuing his degree at Colombia University. Before establishing the Patriots franchise in the 60s, Mr. Kraft was also a fan of the New York Giants.


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