Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Focused Executives at InnovaCare, Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides serves at InnovaCare, Inc. as its chief administrative officer. She joined the company again in 2015 after having worked there previously as its seasoned chief operating officer and vice president in charge of the clinical operations. She has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades, and she continues to foster in governmental programs and managed care industry. Penelope focuses intensely on the efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure general. Together with the other team at InnovaCare, they have successfully led the company to greater heights. Rick Shinto is the company’s president and chief executive officer. He is responsible for the success that the company is going through currently. Rick is hopeful that the company will soon achieve great expansion in various sectors in the market to broaden the benefits enjoyed by the patients. His excellence at work is quite an inspiration to many people.


InnovaCare has an excellent record of seasoned leaders who are well educated. For example, Rick Shinto possesses various degrees from well-known universities. Rick is a responsible leader when it comes to making impacts. Many companies have achieved much growth in his hands. His expertise revolves around clinical roles. InnovaCare is focused on giving patients better health care. They make this through their high commitment to building and keeping a soundtrack of the right models for use in the business. They make sure that their models are the most efficient and effective in giving services to the customers. The headquarters of InnovaCare Health is at Fort Lee most specifically in New Jersey. The company falls in the list of the leading companies providing managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. It has advantageous plans and programs such as the Medicare.


Penelope was among a team of panelists who met with President Trump and Seema Verma the CMS administrator. The meeting consisted of women in healthcare and other professional caregivers as well as other executives. The meeting was planned to deliberate on the issues of federal health care legislation. Penelope spoke out on the importance of raising funds going into the Medicare Advantage within the localities in Puerto Rico. This is meant to benefit the individuals in such places big time. By the end of the meeting, the CMS concluded that they would make the appropriate adjustments in favor of the advantageous programs. The president also recognized the professionals in the healthcare sector, which included the nurses, doctors, and other caregivers within the same industry. They also appreciated the role of women who are in the healthcare system.