Liu Qiangdong's Achievements over the Years

Lui Qiangdong has achieved so much since he ventured into entrepreneurship. One of his biggest successes is the founding of JD. com, which is one of the best companies globally. However, Qiangdong has a very inspiring story of how he rose to fame. A significant percentage of his success has come from working hard and determination to make it in life.

liu qiangdong

Liu’s parents depended on their small farm for a living. Therefore, they spent most of their time farming, leaving Liu at home with his grandmother. That enabled Liu Qiangdong to learn how to handle different chores at a tender age. It also helped him to be innovative because he applied what he learned to his everyday life.

As Liu was growing up, his biggest concern was how he could transform the people’s lives in his community. His biggest desire was to have a successful career and earn a good salary, which would enable him to offer financial support to the vulnerable in society. That is what gave him the determination to work hard in school.

Qiangdong’s passion for innovation went a notch higher when he saw electricity working for the first time. He immediately started wishing that he could visit the most developed countries to see more inventions that he had never seen before. His dream came true when he got a chance to study in one of the most progressive cities. While in the university, he acquired some beneficial skills, including computer techniques that have helped him in his career.

Liu performed exceptionally in his university studies. After graduation, he chose to venture into entrepreneurship. However, Liu faced many challenges because he did not have any experience in the industry. However, after he got employment and worked in different companies, he got the experience he needed to start a business. After several years as an employee, Liu started using the knowledge he had acquired to steer it to success.