John Savignano's Achievements

John Savignano was born in New York in 1960 and graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School, worked in the family business for two years, and later joined St John’s University. He graduated in 1983 and became a member of AICPA, NYSSCPA, and a licensed CPA.

John Savignano has also worked as an Adjunct Professor. He is the Savignano accountants and advisors CEO which provides the students with experience-driven accounting seminars and lectures. He makes his day productive by spending most of his time talking to staff and clients by building relationships to handle matters that arise . Which they not only discuss business but also learn how to build teams externally and internally.

He enjoys and has a strong interest in whatever he does, He also likes what he does, which creates energy that generates excitement and develops ideas for him and for others around him to implement ideas. He likes new ideas that improve life from a practical perspective and he is also motivated by new ideas, which help people around him share his vision.

John emphasizes points out the importance of offering accounting services. Advisory services are a current trend in accounting. The accounting companies can be competitive by preparing tax services and expanding traditional bookkeeping to provide the services. The accounting services recommend technologies clients can use to solve problems in their area of business.

The new accounting trends will raise the value-based pricing. Clients require accountants who can meet their needs, not those who sell services at any price point. The future will see fewer accountants performing tasks without debating costs in advance. This way, businesses will avoid the damage to client relationships and pricing surprises that can follow. Read Business News: