Sink That Putt. There Is No Other Feeling Like It.

Golfing in Avery Texas? You bet! If you’re an avid golfer or just a beginner, the quintessential golfing atmosphere exist right here, at the Avery Ranch Golf Club in beautiful Austin Texas. The magical mood that only comes from stepping onto that first fairway, under a sky that can’t get any more blue, and breathing a deep breath of pure, clean air, crisp and cool, is what it’s all about. Golfing is what it’s all about.


Whether you have never golfed before and have been dreaming about it, or you are a seasoned veteran hopelessly hooked on smacking that pill down the fairway in a laser straight line, there is a pocket of surreal dimension in which exists a higher level of consciousness. It sounds fanciful, but just ask any golfer about it. Stepping onto the course is stepping into another dimension; another plane of existence. Those who mock this notion simply don’t, or can’t know.


That little thought in the back of your mind “Are there any golf club memberships near me?”, is slowly making its way to your prefrontal lobes and the drive is nearly irresistible. You are new to Avery and it’s paradise, being a local citizen in paradise is nice and you want to golf. The memberships for those nice golf courses always seemed like they were meant for others, but it feels different here. You are getting a sense that “membership” here really means “friendship”. The locals, of which you are now one, all give you the impression that you’ve always belonged here, and now, membership feels right.


Your free time is precious and to deny yourself of any of the pleasures that that this good Earth provides, is doing a disservice to yourself. It matters not what others say. Yours is the final decision. Even if the sand trap is your bane, the challenge itself is what you crave, and having that tee time locked in give you a very real sense of satisfaction.


You are a member now. You couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, and your decision to sign up has proven to be a pivotal moment in your life. It turned out to be much more than you imagined or even dreamed. Your favorite club is standing proudly above all the others in your bag and the day is young, and the weather is perfect. The group ahead of you couldn’t be more polite and friendly. They offer to let you go first, but you are happy to follow behind at your own pace, with your own fellow golfers. Everything is in tune, but you duff the first shot. Welcome to the world of golf.