Securus Technologies Empowering the Correctional Facilities with the Latest Drone Detection Technology

Even though technology is a boon for the humanity, its improper use can lead to serious issues. One of the technology devices known as drones is one of the biggest threats that the prison industry is facing at the moment. There have been many attempts by criminals to use these drones to smuggle porn, phones, and drugs into the prisons and the truth is that most of the attempts have been successful. There is a limit to the amount of workforce that the prisons can assign to monitoring prison and detect the drones flying over the premises. Thus, Securus Technologies is working on a new drone detection technology that is going to make prisons safer.


Securus Technologies is already testing the new system in some prisons and are adding new features to ensure that the device cannot be hacked. The device can quickly detect all drones that enter a certain perimeter around the prison and can pinpoint the exact location making it easier to disarm and collect. There have been many instances in the past of drones being used for smuggling reported by the law enforcement agencies, but it was not until recently that these threats are being taken seriously. With more improved versions of drones coming in the market, soon these drones could be used to smuggle something more dangerous such as weapons and bombs inside the prison. And, in many cases, the corrections officers have found the weapons inside the prison that were supplied through the drones. It is becoming a threat to the law enforcement and corrections officers as their lives are at stake. If the prisoners want to attack using the weapon they receive through the drones, it can be life-threatening for the police officers who would be caught off-guard.


However, the problem of drones’ usage by the criminals to supply contraband items inside the prison can be solved by using the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies. It is one of its kind technologies that the company recently introduced and even though there are many updates and upgrades that Securus has promised for this service in the future, it is self-sufficient and capable at the moment. The drone detection technology would be able to detect the movement if drones from far and would alarm the corrections officers, who can then shot down the drone. It would ensure that no drone misses the eye of the law and can fulfill its purpose of contraband supply.


Securus Technologies has a wide array of products and services on offer for the correctional sphere, and it also has recently won the Gold Stevie Award for providing the best customer service in the industry. It is what has made Securus Technologies a preferred choice in the correctional sphere.



Tech you will only find at Securus Technologies

As a company that has been in existence for the last thirty-one years, Securus Technologies has been able to see better days. At the helm of the company is Rick Smith who also doubles at Securus Technologies as the Chief Executive Officer. Something that has made Securus Technologies stand out from its competitors is the fact that Securus is always on a metamorphosis, adopting newer and better ways of changing lives.


To this end, the corporation has been able to come up with unique products and services that have helped the prison systems of America in one way or the other. Although Securus Technologies started out as a Prison Communications service provider, it has since diversified, coming up with top-notch technology that has mostly helped keep the American citizens safe.


Taking note of all the illegal activities that go on within and out of the correctional facilities, Securus Technologies has come up with what we now know as the Cell Defender, a kind of technology that prevents inmates with contraband phones from communicating with outsiders. In so doing, Securus Technologies has helped law enforcers to kill the activities of cartels that might for a long time have subjected Americans to a lot of hurt and desperation.


Also, Securus is renowned for its advanced tech that has since day one helped American law enforcement agents keep tabs on illegal activities among the inmates. Through the tech, some of the inmates have unknowingly provided compelling evidence that has seen them implicating friends in gang-related activities. In so doing, most of the criminals that were once roaming American streets have found themselves behind bars.


For many years, Securus Technologies has been on the receiving end of some pretty encouraging sentiments from a significant percentage of its more than two thousand customers due to a job well done. With quality as its hallmark, Securus Technologies has put the safety of the American people above anything else.



Securus Technologies – Superior Inmate Communication and Crime Prevention Technology at Economical Price

The field of inmate communications has been growing and developing fast, and many companies have been trying hard to gain the bigger market share of this highly lucrative industry. However, one of the businesses that have been known for offering high-quality services at affordable price in the inmate communication and crime prevention sector is Securus Technologies.


The company is also known for its quality and responsive customer care services for which it has also won the Gold Stevie Awards. Over the years, the company has invested millions into research and development and continues to invest heavily in the R&D to ensure that it offers superior technology to its clients, whether it is inmates or the law enforcement agencies.


The service of Securus Technologies reaches out to over 1.2 million prisoners across the United States, and more than 2,600 correctional and law enforcement agencies use the services of the company. The services of the company also include parolee tracking and offering advanced government information management system. Securus Technologies ensures that the inmates can talk to their loved ones on a regular basis. The company offers its services to correctional agencies in Mexico, Canada, and the District of Columbia as well.


Securus Technologies wanted the world to see what the law enforcement officials feel about the services of the enterprise. And, it is for this reason it recently launched a press release on the internet where it shared few comments from the letters sent by the law enforcement officials.


The comments discussed how the services of Securus Technologies are helping make a huge difference in the performance of law enforcement and police officials. It is saving lives as well as reducing crime rates considerably. In the press release, the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, also gave an open invitation to the customers as well as the investors to visit the company’s Technology Center in Dallas, Texas.


Securus Technologies Sheds Light on the Disputed Patent no. 7,256,816

Integrity is one of the core values that Securus Technologies has strived to maintain in all its deals and operations in the corrections space. Therefore, when GTL released a press full of mistakes and discrepancies, Securus moved swiftly to paint the real picture to the corrections world by rectifying the inaccuracies.


Securus confirmed that it is moving for rehearing on U.S. patent no. 7,256,816 contrary to the GTL’s statements that the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) had validated its claims. Securus also confirmed that the rehearing dates are yet to be announced. The firm also stated that it is not using GTL’s patented technologies in any of its video visitation platforms. Thus, GTL has no evidence or basis to file an infringement lawsuit against Securus.


Securus Technologies has built strong connections and partnerships with other major players in the corrections sector to improve the quality of solutions it delivers to its clients. It also signed a couple of license deals with GTL. However, Out of greed, GTL has been making several trips to courts and spending millions of dollars to engage in legal tussles with Securus over patents instead of renewing license agreements.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has become a force in the corrections sector due to its revolutionary products and solutions that address challenges that corrections agencies face. It serves over one million detainees and more than 2,000 law enforcement and corrections facilities. The company develops products that aid corrections agencies to carry out biometric analysis, incident management, respond to emergencies, and investigation. It ensures incarcerated persons are communicating with their loved ones on a regular basis.


Acquisition of JPay


Therefore, the company closed a complete Stock Purchase Deal that saw it purchase JPay. On April 14, 2015. JPay is a technology firm known for unveiling electronic payments and a broad suite of educational and entertainment application in the corrections arena.