The New Direction of Lime Crime

On June 18, 2018, the well-known makeup brand, Lime Crime, was now being led by Tengram Capital Partners. Lime Crime is a vegan focused makeup product that isn’t tested on animals. Tengram Capital Partners is an equity firm that privately works with branded consumer and retail companies.

The General Manager of Fresh, Stacey Panagakis, also came aboard the team as Chief Executive Officer. Lime Crime was established in the year 2008 as a natural beauty brand by Mark Dumbelton and Doe Deere. The goal of the brand is to encourage untainted self-expression while redefining the standards of beauty.

As a result, global consumers have taken to the line of beauty products being offered. The demand for the product is at an all time high at stores like, Riley Rose and Bloomingdales. With the support of Tengram Capital Partners, it is hoped that Lime Crime will be able to create additional methods of experience for those that enthusiastically use the products.

As the line of beauty products grows, a more diverse collection of products is being developed to formulate new categories. During her time as General Manager for Fresh, Stacey Panagakis secured the success of the brand while acquiring and maintaining its leading spot at Sephora. Panagakis states that she is happy to join the company of Lime Crime at such an important moment in global history.

As the company continues to flourish, the vision of the brand will be guided by Panagakis along with the Chief Creative Officer, Sasha Valentine. Doe Deere, the co-founder of the digital-first company, has moved onto the Board of Directors where she works to inspire consumers globally.

Lime Crime professes to be an authentic beauty brand that works to uncover the unique beauty of its consumers. By creating innovative products coupled with an unmatched experience, it is hoped that you can freely express yourself with no apology.

Ryan Seacrest is the Busiest Man in America

Ryan Seacrest has been deemed by many as the hardest working man in show business and it is a moniker he thoroughly lives up too. Even though he has built his career as a host at this stage many times he finds himself interviewing celebs he is more famous than. Ryan, never one to rest on his laurels stays busy. He’s able to juggle multiple jobs and perform at a high level in each role. Not to mention, he is an accomplished entrepreneur designing a collection of suits and formal wear for men and running the production company behind the creation of the machine that is the Kardashians. With all that’s on his plate you might expect him to have a meltdown in his personal life at some point, but he remains level headed through it all.

In a recent interview Ryan was asked how many jobs he actually has and the irony is he has so many he doesn’t know the exact number. What he does know is he’s spread pretty thin, hosting three radio shows, red carpets for E!, the production company, hosting New Year’s Eve, the clothing line, and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Plus, he still remains a constant on American Idol. So a rough estimate would give him around 9 or 10 jobs.

According to GQ, of all the amazing abilities Ryan possesses the one that stands out the most is probably the way he finds time to manage all of those different projects. He attributes this skill to his rapid work pace and efficiency. He also credits a lot of his success to his team. Because no matter how dedicated an individual is they can’t do it alone. He is in close communication with every expert at his places of business.

Ryan (@ryanseacrest) is a huge advocate for getting an early start on the day. Usually he wakes up around 5:00 am. Once he’s gone through his morning routine he’s off to do radio. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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The Mathematical Genius

Michael Lacey is an accomplished American mathematical genius, born September 26, 1959. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987. He became a 2012 fellow of the American Mathematical Society. He has over 20 publications dating from 2001-2013, and over 30 colloquims dating as far back as 1998.

His ten most recent research papers have been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Salem Prize, Guggenheim Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, the Simons Foundation and other mathematical research institutes.

Just to name a few of his papers, Integer sequences with big gaps and the pointwise ergodic theorem (1999), On the Calderon Conjectures for the bilinear Hilbert Transform (1998), and On the Bilinear Hilbert transform (1998), as an example of his expertise in the field. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

For those who are mathematically inclined, probability under Banach spaces and the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions, was the center of Lacy’s doctorate thesis. His research is regarded as the complete normed vector space, which is a mathematical function of analysis.

This concept was actually a continuation of a study started in 1920 by a famous Polish mathematician, named Stefan Banach. Furthermore, he is accredited to probability, ergodic theory and harmonic analysis. Ergodic theory and harmonic analysis are complicated branches of math and science (for the lay person). Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

In 1996, Lacy became a Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and continued to be recognized with awards, fellows and as a coveted advisor. From 2001-2013, he received $3,392,000 in grants, and received a Guggeheim Fellowship in 2004.

According to Wikipedia, this Fellowship is only given to those who demonstrated exceptional ability for productive scholarship. Lacey adds to his accomplishments the Salem Prize in 1996, which he shared the honor with Christophy Thiele for solving a conjecture by Alberto Calderon (an Argentinian mathematician), which was part of a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform.

Michael Lacey’s CV includes his directorship of training grants, such as the Vertical Integration of Research and Education and the Military Career Transition Program from the National Science Foundation. Today he continues being a mentor and professor to mathematical students.

OSI Group Receives Coveted Award While Continuing to Expand European Presence

For the third time in company history, OSI Food Solutions has been named a recipient of the coveted Globe of Honour awarded by the British Safety Council.

These annual awards are presented to businesses that continually demonstrate an outstanding commitment to environmental safety. Also at this time, the British Safety Council honors businesses that provide a commitment to worker health and safety with the Sword of Honour award.

OSI Food Solutions most recently won the Globe of Honour in November 2016, after they previously won the award in 2013 and 2015, making this the second consecutive year the company has received the honor. As part of the American-based OSI Group, OSI Food Solutions U.K. is a leading supplier of beef and pork products to various restaurants. OSI Group was also awarded the Sword of Honour, making the umbrella group one of just eight businesses to win both awards.

To qualify for either award, companies had to initially receive five stars during audits and reviews conducted by the British Safety Council. After passing the initial qualification, companies were required to present to an independent panel of experts how their commitment to both environmental issues as well as worker health and safety was carried out through all levels of operation.

Headquartered just outside of Chicago, OSI Group began its U.K. operation in 1989 as part of its overall goal of expanding its European presence. The company now has operations in China, in addition to its U.S. and European locations, making it one of the most globally known food producing companies in the world. As part of the plan to expand its business overseas, OSI Group recently acquired Baho Food, a Dutch food company known for its production of deli meats and snacks. As the current COO of OSI Group, David G. McDonald said that this acquisition is all part of the company’s master plan to broaden the global presence of OSI Food Solutions. With processing plants in both Germany and the Netherlands serving customers in 18 countries, Baho adds another dimension of service to the OSI Group portfolio.

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CEO Robert Ivy Receives Prestigious Award

Robert Ivy is the CEO of The American Institute of Architects. Recently, he received a very prestigious award. The name of the award was the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was presented to Robert Ivy by the Mississippi Institute Of Arts And Letters, which is a non-profit organization.

It should also be noted that this is the first time that the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to an Architect. Generally, this award is presented to a living Mississippian that is in the arts or an artist. The award is for recognition of a lifetime in the performing arts or some body of work in the arts.

Prestigious Mississippians
Many might state that Robert Ivy is in excellent company. This very same award was presented to some very well noted and high profile Mississippians in the past. The list includes Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, Shelby Foote, Walter Anderson, and Leontyne Price. Certainly, this is quite a distinguished list of people. Robert Ivy is a man that has also distinguished himself in his career. He is an architect that is leading the cause to make architect more accessible to everyone.

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Ivy has been the CEO at The American Institute Of Architects since 2011. Ivy is also a practicing architect, writer, and editor. Many in the architect industry think that Ivy was the perfect choice for this very prestigious honor. Certainly, it is because of his vast contribution to the architectural industry over the last decade. It should also be noted that Ivy was the Editor-In-Chief of McGraw Hill’s Architecture Record before joining the American Institute Of Architects. During his time as Editor-In-Chief, he increased the global recognition of the institution while boosting the membership to the highest point in their history. Today, there are chapters of the AIA across the world, due to Ivy’s extraordinary leadership.

About Ivy
Nancy LaForge is the MIAL president. She recently stated in a very revealing press release that Ivy is really very unique. There is really no one like Ivy in Mississippi. Certainly, Ivy is a recognized architect. He is also a writer, editor, and promoter of making architecture more accessible to the general public. Robert Ivy is not a stranger to receiving prestigious awards. He received several awards in the past. For example, Ivy was honored by Alpha Rho Chi, which is a architecture fraternity. The award was for sharing his enjoyment of architecture with the public.

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Sink That Putt. There Is No Other Feeling Like It.

Golfing in Avery Texas? You bet! If you’re an avid golfer or just a beginner, the quintessential golfing atmosphere exist right here, at the Avery Ranch Golf Club in beautiful Austin Texas. The magical mood that only comes from stepping onto that first fairway, under a sky that can’t get any more blue, and breathing a deep breath of pure, clean air, crisp and cool, is what it’s all about. Golfing is what it’s all about.


Whether you have never golfed before and have been dreaming about it, or you are a seasoned veteran hopelessly hooked on smacking that pill down the fairway in a laser straight line, there is a pocket of surreal dimension in which exists a higher level of consciousness. It sounds fanciful, but just ask any golfer about it. Stepping onto the course is stepping into another dimension; another plane of existence. Those who mock this notion simply don’t, or can’t know.


That little thought in the back of your mind “Are there any golf club memberships near me?”, is slowly making its way to your prefrontal lobes and the drive is nearly irresistible. You are new to Avery and it’s paradise, being a local citizen in paradise is nice and you want to golf. The memberships for those nice golf courses always seemed like they were meant for others, but it feels different here. You are getting a sense that “membership” here really means “friendship”. The locals, of which you are now one, all give you the impression that you’ve always belonged here, and now, membership feels right.


Your free time is precious and to deny yourself of any of the pleasures that that this good Earth provides, is doing a disservice to yourself. It matters not what others say. Yours is the final decision. Even if the sand trap is your bane, the challenge itself is what you crave, and having that tee time locked in give you a very real sense of satisfaction.


You are a member now. You couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, and your decision to sign up has proven to be a pivotal moment in your life. It turned out to be much more than you imagined or even dreamed. Your favorite club is standing proudly above all the others in your bag and the day is young, and the weather is perfect. The group ahead of you couldn’t be more polite and friendly. They offer to let you go first, but you are happy to follow behind at your own pace, with your own fellow golfers. Everything is in tune, but you duff the first shot. Welcome to the world of golf.

Are Freedom Checks a Good Investment?

Do you finally have some money to invest? Whether you have just received a raise or a bonus, you should be smart about investing to make your investment worthwhile. You may not have a clue on where to invest your hard earned money but you have most likely heard of Freedom checks from commercials. The voiceover describes how Americans are getting their share of over $34 billion payouts that are referred to as Freedom Checks which almost sounds like a government program and you may be wondering whether this program is a scam.Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom Checks are real

The internet is full of people who will try to get you to invest in scams. These scams will lure you to invest by promising you that you will get rich within a few hours. Such opportunities are often in the form of binary-options trading or multi-level marketing among other schemes that are only meant to take your money from you.

Because the number of victims of such scams has risen over the last couple of years, most people are over cautious while others shy away from investing. This is unfortunate because there are legitimate businesses and such people will miss out on this latest investment opportunity.

Thanks to Matt Badali, a well-respected geologist, many Americans can now collect their monthly or quarterly disbursements in form of freedom checks. Matt Badali received his B.Sc. degree from Penn State University where he majored in Geological and Earth Science or Geosciences in the year 1992. Matt also earned a Master’s degree in Earth Science from Florida Atlantic University in the year 2000 and later pursued his Ph.D. in sedimentary Geology from the reputable University of Carolina in the year 2005.

Due to his vast education, Matt Badali has been able to travel around the world to countries such as Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Haiti, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Singapore examining oil wells and mines. He was also able to personally interview CEOs of the oil wells and mines and analyze geological data.

Most recently, Matt released a video that has been trending on the internet over the last couple of months. The video explains how freedom checks work and describe the American desire to gain independence in the energy sector. These checks will come from natural resource companies that produce, process, store and also transport natural resources into the country. These companies are specifically oil and gas enterprises.

If you would like to invest in this booming industry, you can learn more about how to get started using the Matt’s MLP investment by watching his video presentation here.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Focused Executives at InnovaCare, Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides serves at InnovaCare, Inc. as its chief administrative officer. She joined the company again in 2015 after having worked there previously as its seasoned chief operating officer and vice president in charge of the clinical operations. She has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades, and she continues to foster in governmental programs and managed care industry. Penelope focuses intensely on the efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure general. Together with the other team at InnovaCare, they have successfully led the company to greater heights. Rick Shinto is the company’s president and chief executive officer. He is responsible for the success that the company is going through currently. Rick is hopeful that the company will soon achieve great expansion in various sectors in the market to broaden the benefits enjoyed by the patients. His excellence at work is quite an inspiration to many people.


InnovaCare has an excellent record of seasoned leaders who are well educated. For example, Rick Shinto possesses various degrees from well-known universities. Rick is a responsible leader when it comes to making impacts. Many companies have achieved much growth in his hands. His expertise revolves around clinical roles. InnovaCare is focused on giving patients better health care. They make this through their high commitment to building and keeping a soundtrack of the right models for use in the business. They make sure that their models are the most efficient and effective in giving services to the customers. The headquarters of InnovaCare Health is at Fort Lee most specifically in New Jersey. The company falls in the list of the leading companies providing managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. It has advantageous plans and programs such as the Medicare.


Penelope was among a team of panelists who met with President Trump and Seema Verma the CMS administrator. The meeting consisted of women in healthcare and other professional caregivers as well as other executives. The meeting was planned to deliberate on the issues of federal health care legislation. Penelope spoke out on the importance of raising funds going into the Medicare Advantage within the localities in Puerto Rico. This is meant to benefit the individuals in such places big time. By the end of the meeting, the CMS concluded that they would make the appropriate adjustments in favor of the advantageous programs. The president also recognized the professionals in the healthcare sector, which included the nurses, doctors, and other caregivers within the same industry. They also appreciated the role of women who are in the healthcare system.


The Pitfall of Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution – Overview

To boost the likelihood of inclusion by the editor in his news, it is preferable to compose a press release in a specific format. The best way to write a press release is to provide factual viewpoints. The best way to write a suitable press release isn’t to sound too promotional. Whenever you’re bright and fresh, re-read your press release to make sure you want it that it’s exactly how.

When you’ve got a release you’re delighted with, there are lots of actions which you can take to boost the probabilities your story spreads. The press release is the best approach to let others know about you and your business. Second, you can’t expect one press release to secure you the visibility necessary to maximize your conversion prices. You might also be interested in knowing what a white label press release is and the way they’re distributed. White label press releases supply a fantastic opportunity for pr agencies that are wanting to expand their offerings.

press release distribution 23

Gather all the facts and figures that you need to finish the release. To put it differently, one you have marketed your press release, it is necessary to obtain a new topic. White Label Press Release is among them.

You press release should address their requirements or region of interest. The press release is just one of the best internet advertising mediums and a final approach to constructing web credibility. Your press release must adhere to a specific format. There’s no denying the easy actuality that how to write a press release for an event are becoming increasingly more popular and is supposed to be a helpful online promoting tool for internet marketers. Online press releases provide a cost-effective alternative to classic advertising. Publishing an internet press release is an incredible method of producing brand awareness and boost visitors to your internet business site. Online press release, social media websites, and blogs were the foundations of internet PR.

Press release distribution is inexpensive. It is a good advertisement plan to start. Free press release distribution is a free service which will enable you to reveal your business to members of media for them to announce your company to the public in the shape of news or articles because it is newsworthy. To start with, you will want to see that press release distribution is vital for taking your business to new heights. Therefore, you see, the advantages of press release distribution can work miracles for you, be sure you pick the right material and the right business to assist you. Distribution to Reach Your Audience One of the benefits of a search engine optimization press release is the fact that it is straightforward to distribute information to many places from a single source.

Press Release Distribution

A release will make the required hype which would be sufficient to gather noise. Google how to compose a press release in case you have never written a press release before or get expert assistance. There’s no denying the simple facts that press releases are becoming more and more popular and is regarded as a useful internet marketing tool by internet marketers. When you compose a press release for internet distribution, you have a distinctive chance to sprinkle links throughout its physique. One of the leading press release writing and distribution specialist in the market Expert SEO Corp. has reported substantial growth in customers throughout the last few months.

A press release is a present news article or report that functions as a promotional tool for your business enterprise or blog. It is a quick and economical approach to advertise your organization. A well-produced press release could result in massive media publicity for your business. Distributing your press release is as comfortable as signing up for a completely free online service and filling in the required information in as few as five to ten minutes.

To acquire much better rankings on Google news, be sure that your press release is exceptionally keyword-optimized. Press releases have long been known to become an effective internet marketing tactic. The new press release is as an essential arm in the combat to turn your brand get noted by a vast amount of people. The full press release should fit on a single page.

A Press release distribution wire ought’s to be well written when seeking to convey a particular message. It is a kind of marketing tools that help every company to gain extra attention. Because most press releases allow for a couple of backlinks, it’s also wise to bring another link to either an inners page on the primary website, along with a hyperlink to the website’s social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or the website’s directory listings such Yelp or Yellowpages listings. You’ll then have to begin by making your very first press release.


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Man Of Ideas, Man Of Interaction: Jeremy Goldstein

In the ever advancing age of information, it is vital to have such an advisor that will not only advise you in making the best deals that are available, but that will also provide you with keen insight when such information is needed. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

When it comes to innovation, interaction, and sheer will, this is where JLG Associates come in. Allow me to introduce you to Jeremy Goldstein.

Mr Goldstein has a philosophy of work productivity that is second to none. His approach 2 his work environment is to be paid close attention to. with over 20 years in his chosen field of interest, Mr Goldstein has developed a method that mainly consists of knowing when to accept a task and when not to accept a task.

His experience has allowed his services to be requested by some of the most notable clients and some clients that are not as known. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

Being an effective attorney is not just about reading books or quoting previous cases, being an effective attorney means that you are in touch with the client and willing to go the extra mile for the client.

Mr Jeremy Goldstein has a background of success that is deserving to be noted. Jeremy Goldstein not only communicates with his clients but he puts in extra effort to stay in touch with this clients and with that being stated, communication is obviously key too much of his success.

When it comes to education and background, Jeremy Goldstein has no shortage of stellar achievements. from 1991 to 1995 he attended Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in art history. He then attended the University of Chicago from 1995 to 96 and graduated with a master of arts in art history.

Next up he attended the New York University School of Law from 1996 to 1999 where he graduated with a Juris doctor in law. Nothing short of amazing as this man has studied and maintain a standard of knowledge and expertise in matters regarding law and business.

Jeremy L Goldstein became and Associates of Shearman & Sterling, LLP from August of 1999 to July 2000 from there he became a partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz from June 2000 to June 2014, a period of 14 years and from there in 2014 he became a partner of Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates, LLC.

In conclusion, this is a man of ideas and a man of interaction. A standard of excellence.