Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame is the founder of a company called citizen. It is an app for helps keep you safe. There are many benefits to having the app. Andrew Frame is a well-known entrepreneur under the age of 30. He has been successful in his career and accomplished many great things.

Frame didn’t have much use for high school. He dropped out at the early age of 15 to start an internet service provider in Las Vegas. Andrew frame was a support engineer and founded Ooma, a VoIP company. Andrew Frame was in the manage Business week with his very own article featured. He also made an app called vigilante which was created to keep people aware of crime.

He is a smart and dedicated businessman with a passion for technology. In 2001 he joined a company called Procket networks as a system test engineer. He was also part of Tech Crunch and received his CCI certificate. He started a course for students at Stanford University teaching them how to start their own business and how to be successful with a startup company. Eric Stang replaced him in 2009 when he decided to retire from the company Ooma.

Many people around the world know him for his hard work and dedication to the company and for his passion for technology. Andrew Frame is also a great entrepreneur and began experimenting in the tech world at a young age. He has always had an eye for success and building a digital future.

Andrew frame has been in many magazines and also has shared his advice with students through courses and around the world. He is not only an entrepreneur; he is a highly respected citizen who cares about his clients and students. He has been called Techs best entrepreneur by BuisnessWeek magazine. Read this article for additional information.


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