A Renowned Author Miki Agrawal Inspirations

Miki Agrawal is an educated woman who worked in Deutsche Bank investment as an analyst. However, 9/11 events deeply affected her. After considering her priorities, she embarked on a football occupation with New York Magic. She joined a Video production firm after getting some injuries. She felt uncomfortable working many hours and opened her Pizza eatery named WILD.

Miki Agrawal is a top-notch author with a great understanding of her work. The writer has advanced via several careers in professional and personal growth. She started three innovative projects that show disrespect for societal convention and taboo. Some People were saying that her concept would not work and criticized her in the start-up of each project. She successfully developed each project to share her experiences and inspire readers via writing to take steps to have fun with a more rewarding life.

Miki Agrawal has written two books, one explaining to individuals to quit their job and do something they like to appreciate the value of freedom. It gives the readers an understanding of transforming personal passion into a career and determining their destiny. Her second book looks at various community-based behaviors. It emphasizes disrupting and rewriting 13 societal arrangements.

It was inspired by the dismissive responses she received while coming up with each of her projects. Miki Agrawal recommends that every woman should surround herself with partners who support her advancement and goals. “Heart Wisdom” predicted the third book will emphasize psychological and management of one’s feelings.

Miki Agrawal carefully observes the enterprises and society view, and when she observes areas that require attention, Agrawal comes with a creative approach to finding a better way. The projects shaped her authorship journey. Agrawal’s disappointments in various aspects of life led her to formulate a solution in business rather than complaining about the issue to her friends.