Freedom Life Insurance: The Best Option for Life Insurance Needs

People Should Consider term life insurance from Freedom Life Insurance if:

  • They require life insurance for a particular period. Term life insurance allows people to be capable of matching the term policy length to the need length. For instance, if someone wants to make sure that funds will be available for paying their kids’ college education, they could buy a 20-year term life. Also, if they need the insurance to reimburse a debt that is going to be paid off within a specified period, get a term policy specifically for that period. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance Company:
  • They need a large quantity of life insurance, and they have a budget that’s limited. That kind of insurance only pays people if they happen to die during their policy term. Therefore, the rate for every thousand of the death benefit is usually lower than for life insurance permanent forms. If someone isn’t dead when the term ends, coverage ends unless a new policy is bought or the old one is renewed. Unlike permanent insurance, they’ll not build in cash savings form.

Premiums are always lower when people are often young and often increase upon renewal as they get old. Some term insurance policies could be renewed at the end of the policy, but the premium will often increase.

According to Bloomberg, people should consider permanent life insurance from Freedom Life Insurance if:

  • They require life insurance for the rest of their life. A permanent policy will pay a death benefit if someone dies anytime or live for 100 years.
  • They need to accumulate an element of savings that is going to grow by tax-deferred and might be a borrowed funds source for various goals. The saving element could be used for paying premiums for keeping the life insurance in effect if someone cannot pay them, or it could be used for other purposes they choose. Someone can even borrow these funds if their credit is considered shaky. Usually, the death benefit acts as collateral for your loan. If someone dies before it is repaid, Freedom Life Insurance will collect what is due to the company before they determine what will go to their beneficiary.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Cash in Big after Joe’s Arrest

Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin on the night of October 2007. Under the guidance of armed deputies whose jurisdiction is Maricopa County, the Selective Enforcement Unit put the two in custody. As the leaders of the Village Voice Media, Lacey and Larkin were charged with disseminating sensitive information concerning a filed case. Forcibly evacuated from their homes in Phoenix, the duo was shoved into a black yet unmarked SUV dominated by tinted windows. Arpaio booked the duo into isolated cells where he served as the manager.




A quick look into the case suggested that Arpaio was the investigator. Also known as the toughest and most reliable sheriff in the United States of America, Joe Arpaio was furious about Lacey and Larkin’s determination to pull his name into the books of corruption. The duo has published an article concerning Joe’s gross misconduct in office. His misdeeds were now out of the dirty docket. According to the article published by Phoenix New Times, Joe was just an extra trouble maker in the department. Mainstream newspapers indicated that Joe was a lead sheriff in fostering incompetence.




One of the articles indicated that he abused power by instigating illegal demands on the people of Arizona. His constant retaliatory abuse of institution contributed to the writing of the said articles. An additional charge on his side indicated that he practiced substandard health provision in the office. On mistreatment and preventable deaths, Joe Arpaio was the lead character. That is why Lacey and Larkin took to the stage to write articles about his malpractices. His systematic persecution as well as racial profiling contributed to the whistle blowing.




During Lacey and Larkin’s arrest, the reasons behind it seemed unclear. However, several pointers indicated that the duo played a pivotal role in highlighting Joe’s character in office. As a result, New Times revealed the grievous assault by giving their story a chance to be read by the people. Arpaio is said to have received concrete help from the attorney’s office. Lacey and Larkin were commanded to surrender their browsing details to the court in order for their IP addresses to be investigated. Being brave, they produced the requirements. In writing, there was a clear indication that the two media personalities were innocent. There only mistake, which can be termed as a constructive mistake or misdoing was helpful in saving many lives in prison. This is because Arpaio’s misconduct extended to the cells. Following a loud outcry by the people, Lacey and Larkin were released and settled at an invaluable cost of approximately $ 3.7 million.


Larkin and Lacey Fight Against Oppression

After two Phoenix New Times reporters had their first amendment rights violated in 2007, they won a lawsuit worth almost 4 million dollars. The duo are now using that money to fund two new projects:Front Page Confidential and the Frontera Fund.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the victims, said they they will use Front Page Confidential, their new newspaper, as a way to inform people about civil rights issues concerning the first amendment. The journalists are fighting to make sure that nothing like what happened to them happens to anyone else.


The Frontera Fund has a different, but just as noble, objective. The Frontera Fund participates in activities concerning migrant-rights for Hispanic Arizona residents.


The reason for these valiant efforts is their unlawful arrest by controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In 2007, Arpaio had the two journalists arrested once he discovered that they were currently running a journalistic investigation of Arpaio’s controversial past. In a blatant violation of Larkin and Lacey’s first amendment, deputies seized them and had them in custody for just under 24 hour before the charges were dropped.


Now that Larkin and Lacey’s legal battles are behind them, the real fight has just started. By utilizing their newest forms of attack, The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential, the duo have began a battle against oppression and corruption.


Larkin & Lacey Fight for Human Rights

Several groups around the country fight for human rights. Some of the rights that are advocated for include; civil rights, and migrant rights. These groups have active roles in organizing and advocating for migrants and fighting for their rights. The main aim of these groups is to give power to immigrants in airing their views and have a hearing ear from the international arena.

Immigrants’ Rights Project- ACLU

This is one project that runs with an aim to protect human and civil rights of immigrants. ACLU provides advocacy, litigation and outreach services that aim at achieving its goals. Most of its litigation programs run through the district courts and Supreme Court. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

ACLU is always ready to challenge any legality of the law that does not care for immigrants. With the help of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the project is concerned with providing equal justice to all immigrants regardless of their status.

CHIRLA- The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

It is the leading California group that is also helping immigrants. The group was formed around 1986 when an Act of not employing Undocumented works was passed. CHIRLA aims at changing the opinion of the public about immigrants and giving policies that can give immigrants full human rights.

Also, this group aims at making immigrants known as the members of the society who have all rights of movement and involvement in democratic activities.

The Advocates for Human Rights

This is a global group that is supported by partners, volunteers and staff members in championing for human rights while abiding by the law. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

With over 30 year experience, the group is local, regionally and globally recognized for helping women, children, and immigrants. This group is always change oriented.

Amazon Watch

As the name suggests, the group is based I the Amazon regions. It is one group which is focused on development. Some of its development goals include developing of gas and oil pipes. This is made possible by working with the local and the available indigenous groups.

They also make ensure that they are abiding by the law by working with environmental organizations. All the above efforts aimed at advancing the rights of these indigenous people.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

This organization is based in Arizona. It is funded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larking who are the Phoenix New Times co-founders. Like the other groups, Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund also fights for rights of immigrants. This group was got $3.75million from Lacey and Jim. Most you wonder where all this sum of money came from.

As journalists, Lacey and Jim and did a story about the sheriff and they were arrested and jailed. After that, they revealed that the sheriffs had a grand jury preceding that that needed a note from reporters.

In the story they wrote, Lacey and Jim were fighting for implementation of the first amendment rights. After their release from jail, they sued the government for violating their rights. Fortunately, they won their case, and they were awarded $3.75 million as a settlement amount.