George Soros Prepares The Democrats For The Next Chapter

Reeling From A Shocker
The recent election has disappointed George Soros greatly. After finally making the decision to return to political engagement Soros’ favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, has lost to the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. The decision comes as a shocker after many polls predicted a landslide for Democrats. Despite this loss Soros plans to go full steam ahead with a plan to help Democrats take back power and protect the progressive legacy. Gathering up top Democrats and liberal donors Soros has formed the Democratic Alliance to help bring this recovery into action. After the first few meetings of the Democratic Alliance the group’s plan focus squarely on fighting against Trump.

The Billionaire With An Affinity For Politics
George Soros is one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers. His accurate predictions and sound investments have allowed him to amass a fortune worth nearly $25 billion dollars. Soros isn’t stingy with his money nor does he limit his interest to those that may derive a profit. Throughout his hedge fund management career he has made major political contributions throughout the world to advance the causes of democracy and capitalism. In America Soros typically donates to left wing candidates.

The Battle Of The Billionaires
Since the 2016 election season George Soros and Donald Trump have exchanged heated words and directed inflammatory rhetoric towards each other. Soros has accused Trump of fascism and bigotry while Trump has attempted to paint Soros as an opportunist using globalization to line his pockets. The rhetoric has brought ugly conspiracy theories and canards directed towards George Soros back into the spotlight. Fake news websites have run stories claiming Soros secretly pays protesters and seeks to undermine American democracy.

Coming Back With A Vengeance
While Trump has managed to win the election Soros does not let this deter his political aspirations. Previously he has allowed disappointments to discourage him Soros is now determined more than ever to lead the effort against Trump. With the Democratic Alliance, George Soros aims to stall Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office. Further ahead he and top Democrats are plannning to pick up seats in Congress and prepare for the 2020 presidential election.

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