Cotemar Oil Industry

The oil industry is booming in Mexico right now. There is a huge demand for oil drilling supplies, and many companies are trying to capitalize on this trend. Over the long term, this is something that Cotemar is in great position for. Not only do they have a strong infrastructure, but they also have a great balance sheet. The company does not carry a lot of debt, and they are carrying a large amount of cash to help them in new investment areas. Many oil companies are highly leveraged, and this means that they are carrying too much debt to sustain growth. Over time, this is something that a lot of people want to get corrected. The great thing about Cotemar is that they have new innovation and technology coming out constantly.




From the time the company was started, Cotemar has always been about trying to help others. The people who work at the company are passionate about their local community, and this is one of the biggest reasons why they have driven so much growth in the market. If you want to invest for the future, Cotemar is a great company to work for. This is the type of company that you want to work with if you have any oil needs.


Oil Drilling


With the new oil discovered off the coast of Mexico, the demand for oil drilling parts and technology has never been higher. This is something that a lot of people who work at Cotemar are excited about. Over time, this is a company that is doing a lot of good in the economy. A lot of people want to work there because the pay is so high relative to the rest of the industry. Cotemar strongly believe that hiring and retaining the best talent is a competitive advantage for the company. That is why they are willing to pay more to attract and keep top talent in a number of areas.


Future Growth Plans


In the future, Cotemar is looking to expand operations and grow sales. A lot of companies wish that they were in the position of Cotemar right now. This is a company with a lot of growth prospects that is also looking to enhance its position in the market. There are many great employees trying to get on at Cotemar as well. Over time, the growth should continue with strong leadership.

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David Giertz Has Thoughts on Social Securities

It is imperative for employees to plan the nature of lives they want to lead after exiting employment on They should develop a keen interest in social securities as a way of saving for their retirement.

Notably, a small number of Financial Distribution Organization clients think and plan for their retirement. David in conjunction with Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute conducted research to establish reasons for having an insignificant number of customers considering social securities. The survey targeted the people who went on retirement less than ten years ago as well as the consumers.

The research concluded that a majority of the advisors shy away from talking to clients about social securities at Besides, the investigation revealed that a significant number of customers were willing to replace their advisors with others who are capable and willing to talk about social security.

The investigators on Finra realized that advisors might be lacking interest in social securities, as the topic is complex.

Clients that do not have social security lose over $300,000 in a span of 25 years. The benefit consumes close to 40% of the clients’ income. Therefore, it is paramount for advisors and their clients to develop an interest in the social securities since this is the only way they can maximize retirement income.

David Giertz is one of the executives of Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He is the current senior vice president of the Nationwide Financial Distributors and Sales.

Mr. David Giertz is a seasoned financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in the financial sector. Additionally, he is an active broke in the purchasing and selling securities besides other products related to investment.

Securus Technologies Sheds Light on the Disputed Patent no. 7,256,816

Integrity is one of the core values that Securus Technologies has strived to maintain in all its deals and operations in the corrections space. Therefore, when GTL released a press full of mistakes and discrepancies, Securus moved swiftly to paint the real picture to the corrections world by rectifying the inaccuracies.


Securus confirmed that it is moving for rehearing on U.S. patent no. 7,256,816 contrary to the GTL’s statements that the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) had validated its claims. Securus also confirmed that the rehearing dates are yet to be announced. The firm also stated that it is not using GTL’s patented technologies in any of its video visitation platforms. Thus, GTL has no evidence or basis to file an infringement lawsuit against Securus.


Securus Technologies has built strong connections and partnerships with other major players in the corrections sector to improve the quality of solutions it delivers to its clients. It also signed a couple of license deals with GTL. However, Out of greed, GTL has been making several trips to courts and spending millions of dollars to engage in legal tussles with Securus over patents instead of renewing license agreements.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has become a force in the corrections sector due to its revolutionary products and solutions that address challenges that corrections agencies face. It serves over one million detainees and more than 2,000 law enforcement and corrections facilities. The company develops products that aid corrections agencies to carry out biometric analysis, incident management, respond to emergencies, and investigation. It ensures incarcerated persons are communicating with their loved ones on a regular basis.


Acquisition of JPay


Therefore, the company closed a complete Stock Purchase Deal that saw it purchase JPay. On April 14, 2015. JPay is a technology firm known for unveiling electronic payments and a broad suite of educational and entertainment application in the corrections arena.

The Growth of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is an inspirational woman who is known as the founder as well as the current owner of Lime Crime, a makeup company that specializes in bright and beautiful colors for the cheeks, lips, as well as for the eyes that bring out the beautiful features in both men as well as women. Doe Deere created her successful business almost ten years ago and has attracted not only customers to the company, but also fans of her work that have become loyal to her internet brand over the years. The fans of Doe Deere have even named themselves the unicorns to add to the quirky style that Doe Deere has created for her company.


Doe Deere started Lime Crime as a side business to her clothing company, a company that also created beautiful as well as bright clothing for customers that wished to look good on the outside as well as fell good on the inside. Doe Deere is noted for her presence on many social media sites such as Instagram where Doe Deere has shown off her creativity and her talent with bright and bold colors that bring out the confidence of any man or woman that wears what she designs.


The name of Lime Crime is a name that was created by Doe Deere as a name that would stand out to customers that are looking to try a makeup product. The specific color of lime was chosen due to the fact that the color not only stands out, but is also the color that Doe Deere loves to work with the most. As a businesswoman, Doe Deere works hard to make sure that all of her customers are happy and to make sure that every single customer of hers has a say in what products are produced and are sold to the public.


In recent news, Doe Deere was interviewed by Galore magazine, a magazine that wanted to learn more about Doe Deere and about what has inspired her to expand her own internet-based business. During this interview, Doe Deere stated that she has always been a creative individual and has always believed that her job should be something that does not feel like a job.

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Oncotarget Offers A Disciplined Method of Publishing Scientific Papers

Since 2010, Oncotarget has been a well-known platform for the submission and publication of research papers and articles about oncology and related subjects. The research papers and articles are published weekly so that anything new of importance can be observed by the medical community at large as quickly as possible.

Oncotarget was founded in 2010, and the Editors-in-Chief are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, both of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY. Well-researched studies of the latest discoveries and procedures in the oncology field have a long history of saving lives when seemingly all hope has been lost.

Some of the fields in addition to oncology that are considered appropriate for submission, due to their relevance to the study of oncology include Endocrinology, Geotarget/Aging, Cardiology, Pharmacology, Metabolism, Neuropathologic/Neuroscience, Immunology/Microbiology and Cell and Mol Biology.

Researchers and authors submit their papers and manuscripts to the Editorial Board of Oncotarget. The editors on YouTube then thoroughly read and evaluate the paper, taking into consideration the merit of the paper, its uniqueness, its accuracy, the citations used as proofs, and the overall methods used to prove the main thesis.

Care is taken to research whether or not similar subjects have been written about and whether this paper is different enough in scope and proofs to warrant a new look. The complexity of oncology on, particularly at the cellular level, leaves lots of room for expansion, yet there must be enough of a divergence to warrant a new look.

Editors work in pairs, and they must be expert in the subject in which each author submits. This peer review technique maintains the proper balance in expertise and accurate presentations, as the reviewers are well-versed on the subject matter.

Care is taken to that there is no other theme or distraction to cloud the intent and direction of the submitted item. For example, slander, opinion, political inferences, sexual orientation, racial or gender inferences, or any other distractive dialogue will not be permitted.

None of the material may be used by the editorial board for any personal use and all of the material contained in the submitted copy will be held as confidential, except with the author. This keeps the content pure and when published the medical community can be assured that the content is pristine and untainted.

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George Soros Prepares The Democrats For The Next Chapter

Reeling From A Shocker
The recent election has disappointed George Soros greatly. After finally making the decision to return to political engagement Soros’ favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, has lost to the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. The decision comes as a shocker after many polls predicted a landslide for Democrats. Despite this loss Soros plans to go full steam ahead with a plan to help Democrats take back power and protect the progressive legacy. Gathering up top Democrats and liberal donors Soros has formed the Democratic Alliance to help bring this recovery into action. After the first few meetings of the Democratic Alliance the group’s plan focus squarely on fighting against Trump.

The Billionaire With An Affinity For Politics
George Soros is one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers. His accurate predictions and sound investments have allowed him to amass a fortune worth nearly $25 billion dollars. Soros isn’t stingy with his money nor does he limit his interest to those that may derive a profit. Throughout his hedge fund management career he has made major political contributions throughout the world to advance the causes of democracy and capitalism. In America Soros typically donates to left wing candidates.

The Battle Of The Billionaires
Since the 2016 election season George Soros and Donald Trump have exchanged heated words and directed inflammatory rhetoric towards each other. Soros has accused Trump of fascism and bigotry while Trump has attempted to paint Soros as an opportunist using globalization to line his pockets. The rhetoric has brought ugly conspiracy theories and canards directed towards George Soros back into the spotlight. Fake news websites have run stories claiming Soros secretly pays protesters and seeks to undermine American democracy.

Coming Back With A Vengeance
While Trump has managed to win the election Soros does not let this deter his political aspirations. Previously he has allowed disappointments to discourage him Soros is now determined more than ever to lead the effort against Trump. With the Democratic Alliance, George Soros aims to stall Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office. Further ahead he and top Democrats are plannning to pick up seats in Congress and prepare for the 2020 presidential election.

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George Soros Pledges $10 Million to Fight Hate Crimes
George Soros rises again

Dick DeVos Has Made The Most Of His Career

Dick DeVos has really built quite a business resume throughout his life, but he’s also made quite a name through his charitable work. It’s unknown just how much Dick and his wife Betsy have given throughout the time their foundation has been in existence, but it’s estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Dick and Betsy currently run The Windquest Group, a company that manages several subsidiaries in retail and consumer goods, clean energy, technology developments, and alternative investments. Recently, Dick brought on Phil Dolci to run The Windquest Group’s subsidiary The Stow Company, and has also made inroads into the acquisition of a brewing company.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos Sr. and brother of Daniel, Douglas, and Cheri DeVos. Richard DeVos Sr. co-founded Amway Corporation, the company that Dick would spend much of his early career working for, and would later become owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick worked in some lower level jobs in the company as a young man, and after completing his degree at Northwood University started becoming an upper level manager. Eventually he became vice president along with his brothers Doug and Daniel, and when his father retired he became CEO, in which he led the company into new foreign markets and opened new offices. By the time he had stepped down in 2002, the company had churned billions in profits.


Dick and his wife Betsy started their foundation in 1992, primarily aimed at educational endeavors and reform activists. Both he and Betsy staunchly support school of choice, and decided to startup a scholarship program to help lower income families send their children to private schools. But they also wanted to grow charter school operations, and in the mid 1990’s they started up The Great Lakes Project, and later The West Michigan Aviation Academy. This charter school includes aviation courses as well as mechanical skills, and is open to the public.


The DeVos’s have also supported many museums and art institutions, including the Kennedy Center’s Institute of Arts Management, which became the DeVos Institute of Arts Management after it received a large contribution from Dick and Betsy. Dick has served a long time in the state’s Republican Party, and once decided to run for governor in the 2006 race, though he narrowly lost it.


A Look Closer at Eric Lefkofsky: The man Behind Groupon

Eric Lefkofsky is known to most people as one of Chicago’s most important tech-specialists and investors. Some might know him due to his Groupon fame, as he was instrumental in getting this business going. He didn’t know that Groupon was going to be the success story that it is today, but he hoped that it would be a fruitful endeavorer. The company made it pretty far under his leadership. One milestone that is associated with Groupon is that it is one of the fastest growing online companies the internet had seen in a long time. The second milestone is that Google attempted to purchase the company for $6 billion, which is known as one the largest Google offers. This offer was rejected, but it was still notable.


Where to go From Here?


Eric Lefkosky is in a great position now. He is worth $1.7 billion, which is quite impressive. He is also a great father and husband, which are truths that will never change, but he is also hungry for more.


One can simply look at the relationship he has with his wife, Liz, or his upbringing to see why Lefkofsky is the way he is. He demonstrated a drive for entrepreneurship at an early age. He graduated from the University of Michigan. Most of his friends and family members thought that he was going to go into law since he received a degree in this field of study, but everyone was wrong. It seems like Eric Lefkofsky (@lefkofsky) just wanted to get the degree for self-gratification rather than a career choice, since the first thing he did was start a t-shirt business. This business was short-lived but definitely taught him a few lessons.


It was not long before Lefkofsky went on to do Groupon. It was a big success; there is no doubt about that, but he was done with Groupon. He was ready to take on new ventures where he can use his talents. He decided to move on to the next big thing, which is called Tempus. Tempus, in short, is a software that is meant to help doctors with cancer patients, but it is actually a little more complicated than that.


It uses analytical power (beyond what most computers can offer) to match patients with other data like statistics and studies. It’s possible that this program is going to increase the chances of survival due to its level of precision. Many doctors are very excited about the software. This should not surprise people who know Lefkofsky. The man has donated millions of dollars over his career to health and organizations that are attempting to find cures for medical issues like cancer. It was only a matter of time before he married his passion to help people and his passion for starting businesses.


No one can say that Lefkovsky ( is only about making money. He seeks to use his talents and skills to further industries that need the most.

Raj Fernando’s financially and Technologically Inclined Career

Raj Fernando heads as the founder and CEO. He also works for Foreign Policy Leadership Committee under the Brookings Institute, the American Security Project Board of Directors, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra board of directors, the PAWS Chicago board of trustees and the Global Affairs Chicago Council. Raj Fernando is an expert in the finance and technological industry and has earned recognition by the former USMC Brigadier General and current CEO of the American Security Project, who cited him as a key member in the fight for national cyber security.

The career of Raj began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange while he was a college student. He volunteered at the firm before earning employment after his graduation. He graduated from the Beloit College with a degree in Economics and later moved on to study at the University College of London.

In 2002, Mr. Raj set up Chopper Trading with the experience gained while at his former workplace. In 2004, Fernando rerouted Chopper Trading’s business from finance to technology. He was responsible for managing risk management programs, communications, trades, and regulating the source code security of the banking industry.

The founder expanded Chopper Tradings to compete in large markets such as Acme, Eurex, LSE, ICE, and NASDAQ. The company employed 250 staff members with renowned engineering and trading portfolios.

The business structure of Chopper Tradings involved long hiring procedures and consistent team building for the employees. The CEO implemented a system that allowed the staff to bond and work on the same team by integrating sports on off hours. A prospective employee at Chopper Tradings would go through long and different sessions during the interview to prove their potentiality. The then CEO, Raj cited that the procedure was necessary to ensure a consistent growth of the company’s portfolio that would allow the employee to retire from the same company.

In 2016, Raj set up specializes in advising clients on corporate and professional moves that will add to the expansion and growth of their businesses.

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The Lady Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere
Makeup is used for many different things. It can be used to play up features on your face, it can be used to cover blemishes and imperfections, and it can be used as a form of expression. No matter what your reason for using makeup is, Lime Crime is a company that is for all makeup lovers. They carry a line of bright and bold colors that allows the user to become anything they want to be.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She began her company in 2008. Her idea was inspired by her previous eBay business. Doe was selling clothing that she had created. The clothing was made of bright and vibrant colors. There was trouble finding makeup bright and bold enough to match the colors in the clothes. Doe decided to take matters into her own hands and Lime Crime was created.

All of the products that are sold by Lime Crime are bright and they are all cruelty-free. No product was tested on an animal at any time during the production process. Doe is so dedicated to her brand that she insists on trying all of the products herself before they are sold to the public. She wants to make sure all of her products fulfill her vision and are what the brand stands for.

Being based completely online can be a disadvantage but with the unique products offered by Lime Crime, they now have an international customer base. The way they marketed their products was a key factor in how they secured their customers.

Many industry experts said that people would not buy the products because they were unable to try them on beforehand. Doe came up with the idea of having lip swatches for customers to look at. Each lip color was placed onto a lip swatch and customers can match the color to their skin tone and get a feel for what it would look like on them. This idea was so well received that all companies within the makeup industry adopted it. Lip swatches are now the industry standard and can be found everywhere.

Doe Deere believes that makeup is about expression. It is more than just covering up some imperfections. Makeup is about trying new things and showing off who you really are. With her products, people can now change their look based on how they feel that day or try a look they would have never tried before.

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